fredag 27. oktober 2017

Great Grandfather's Stabbur in Autumn

The "stabbur" of my great grandfather, finished 1920, is a beauty beyond compare. Originally it was ocher yellow with red tiles.

I really hate to tell it's not anymore part of a rural culture, but a sub-exurban culture. All of Norway has become a suburb of the USA!

This "stabbur" is the most beautiful building of all the "grenda" it's part of, representing a lost time and an unique rural culture.

Straight against it stands the new pumping house mocking her beauty, like a tombstone of a lost culture.

The sub-urbanization of the Norwegian countryside is a worse crime than chairman Mao's Culture Revolution in China!


I do now run the one man company PermaLiv AS. I appreciate very much a payment of 250 N.Kr for my images for volunteer organizations and 500 N.Kr for commercial use.

The shielding mound above my forest. I had to fight almost a whole year against a terrible bureaucracy to get it. They told me I had to engage a consultant company to study it, paying thousands of dollars.

But that they killed my creek, draining away the well from where it came up from the ground in the lower right corner of the image, was never an impact Assessment. And I never got an apology for this misdeed.

My mound became a big success!

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