søndag 2. oktober 2016

Trip to Eiktunet Free Air Museum on October 2, 2016

Again our Sunday trip went to Eiktunet free air museum at top of Gjøvik, the only place in town made out of adaptive morphogenesis, and hence worth lowing. This dam in the center of the museum area is made exactly how Christopher Alexander teaches us!

Luckily the area still has not one modernist construction!


The home of the priest at Biri Church is moved to Eiktunet, and is now rented out for celebrations and exhibitions.

Se an earlier series of images from this building in wintertime here.


"Vealunne" in Norwegian.


The view from the museum area is the best in town. Here we see Hovdetoppen, a top in middle of town, where the modernists are eager to land a huge UFO-building, worthy Kunstler's eyesore of the month. Luckily they didn't succeed with their first attempt!


View toward Totenåsen Hills.


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